Monday, July 21, 2014

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Maaf saya tulis balik balasan daripada Shaklee berkaitan dengan isu Israel yang tengah hangat diperkatakan sekarang.

Q1: Does Shaklee Corporation contribute in funding Israeli's Military exercise on Palestine ?
A1 : No

Q2: What is your personal stand towards this issue ?
A2: Because this is corporate question you and other customers and other distributors have raised now and         the past, we wanted to make it very clear that Shaklee is against violence of any kind anywhere in the           world.
      Shaklee is neutral company  and is not involved in any conflict, is not affiliated with any religion and is not       aligned with any political party or cause.

Q3: Is there any link of Shaklee and Israel / Zionist that we need to know ?
A3 : There is none.

Bradford Richardson
President, Shaklee International

Ini merupakan jawapan daripada boss Shaklee antarabangsa. Kiranya Shaklee bukanlah penyumbang kepada kegiatan Israel.

Sekian. Terima kasih

Hafsah Mohamad Ali


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